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2023 Battle River Rodeo
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Battle River Ag Society


Our Vision
To develop stability with continued growth, awareness and ongoing participation from the community to meet its needs.


Our Mission
To provide facilities and or programs which would support and promote education, culture and entertainment for both rural and urban families.


Our History
The Battle River Agricultural Society is nestled just inside the town limits of Manning Alberta, well known as “THE LAND OF THE MIGHTY MOOSE”. This farming and oilfield community is located about 100 km northwest of Peace River, Alberta.





The origin of the name Battle River comes from the Notikewin, the Hotchkiss, and the Meikle rivers. These three rivers are also referred to as the first, second and third battle rivers. History has it that a feud between the Cree and the Beaver Indians saw a battle on the small rivers hence the name Battle River!


The Battle River Agricultural Society applied to the Minister of Agriculture the 26th day of June 1933 to gain society status under the Agricultural Societies Act. The application was submitted by 52 of the districts original residents.


Today our Society is accountable to the Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies. The AAAS was incorporated under and is governed by the Societies Act in 1947. Members are governed by the Agricultural Societies Act, which is administered by Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, Rural Programs Division.


New members and volunteers are always welcome to join the Society! 
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